Over 30 years ago ERAL began a journey of research, innovation and passion that led it to discover LEDs, a new highly efficient, versatile, clean light source.

We combine highly efficient LED technology with recyclable and disposable materials and components, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions to ensure healthier air and a better future for the generations to come.

ERAL has also taken a further step towards a cleaner world: we are using our own photovoltaic modules to carry out an ambitious project that will provide us with energy autonomy.

We are producing 30 kW of clean energy and we are looking forward to meeting the goal of 1.5 MW a year in the near future.This is because at ERAL we believe that the sun is more than just light, it is a unique inexhaustible source of clean energy for both human beings and for the whole planet. ERAL takes care of quality and service don’t just assembling, but looking in all the details from the raw materials, adopting high quality standards to offer a perfect product created to enhance any application context.

ERAL develops internally its products using LEDs to create products designed to last. Therefore, in addition to ensure Made in Italy production, ERAL offers a fast and accurate custom service. ERAL products’ quality is supported by technological innovation that optimizes their work. ERAL's electronics department studies and develops our own drivers, able to ensure high performing quality and long lasting of our LED lightings.

Thanks to great experience and high quality components employed to assemble the products, ERAL offers items with best technical quality, environment safe according to standard normative of electrical security. By buying ERAL products you will contribute to the employment and development of our country, Italy. For over 30 years, the Company has been employing over 350 people, standing out from the crowd of companies that buy the finished products in China. ERAL can however boast of the 100% Made in Italy and takes pride of its choice, guaranteeing for each product: the creation of items based on its own design and exclusive projects, the manufacturing located entirely in Italy, the support of satellite industries for components and works on behalf of a third party as the entire production process takes place in Italy.