Vibia was founded 21 years ago in Barcelona, Spain. Vibia merges with Grupo T in 1999 and begins a new strategy: the new Grupo T company develops three trademarks: Vibia (lighting), Tramo (furniture systems) and BSC (chairs). 

Vibia products are always innovative, very different and with a high material and cultural value. The design is immediate and perfectly fulfils the requirements and habits of currents interior design needs. Vibia’s main value consists in constantly evolving its catalogue to respond to the needs of modern interior design while keeping its identity and the consistency of its differentiated design. Vibia cooperates with different design teams, generating a lot of new and innovative projects. 

- Diego Fortunato
- Estudi Blanc
- Hopf & Wortman, büro für form
- Jordi Vilardell
- Lievore, Altherr, Molina
- Margarita Viarnés
- Österlund design development
- Pete Sans
- Ramón Benedito
- Ramos & Bassols
- Robby & Francesca Cantarutti
- Sergi & Oscar Devesa
- X. Claramunt y M. de Mas

Vibia is currently operating in more than 60 countries. It has a production centre in Barcelona (Spain) and a subsidiary company in Edison, New Jersey, (USA). Vibia has 2,500 dealers around the world.