SLV Elektronik GmbH Light is Life.The more than 30 years old history of our company simply began with the joy of playing with light.

Coloured lighting, effect devices and decorative items created the basis for a company which quickly became one of the market leaders in innovative lighting designs, technical lighting and living area illumination. Besides a splendid group of subsidiary companies and participants, we have more than 250 employees worldwide. Competence and Professionalism. Both take first place in our company philosophy incorporating all areas of the facet-rich light industry. Emphasis is placed on a balanced relationship between innovative technology, current design and moderate prices in relation to diversity and a high quality standard. 

Ideas, Concepts & Solutions. We are both manufacturer and wholesaler and exclusively supply the specialist trade. Our diverse product range covers all areas including individual lighting solutions for residential areas and outdoor areas as well as complete high voltage and low voltage lighting systems for shop and exhibition buildings. Our own research and development department together with selected designers and engineers is constantly sourcing new products for the ever changing lighting market. New products are realized in cooperation with our international partners in the Far East.

Quality at a Reasonable Price. A lot of advantages are resulting from the shifting of production units to SLV partner companies in the Far East, moreover the restrictive selection of the SLV partners and suppliers makes a fine-mesh quality control possible. SLV succeeds in offering high-quality products at reasonable prices with modern design. Our products are corresponding to the valid European standards or exceed them.

The Customer's warehouse. Our highly efficient logistics centre and our spacious high tech warehouse, in which 98% of our products are kept constantly available, make shortest delivery times possible, supporting our customers all over Europe. We have realized the idea to be the customer's warehouse.

A Strong Group. Strong as an individual, together even stronger. As a global player in the lighting branch SLV is via the SLV Holding connected to twelve independent companies inside and outside Germany. The cooperation of this strong group ensures a broad and multiform product range and enables us to serve each customer profile. 

Our participation in this Group of Companies is between 20% and 100%.