Brilum S.A. group is one of the biggest Polish producers and suppliers of high quality, innovative lighting products made for professional and general use.

The leading company of the group is BRILUM SA, founded in 1995. Despite her the group enters also 6 polish and 8 foreign companies, located in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and China. The production centre of Brilum Group is the lighting equipment factory ELGO Lighting Industries SA in Gostynin. 

Brilum Group mainly offers:

· Innovative luminaires using the LED technology,
· Innovative LED light source,
· Luminaires made for any kind of professional use,
· Luminaires and light sources for general use.

Brilum Group perceives the mission in supplying to national and foreign customers reliable, optimal economic and technical, complex lighting solutions, improving the quality of life. Recognizing the modern artificial lighting as an important factor in the development of civilization, we want to be a source of practical and economical lighting solutions at the highest level of technology available today, while maintaining the generally acceptable value for money. In so doing we are also the responsibility and care for the environment and its energy resources. This is why our products designed and manufactured by our company for consuming as little energy as it is possible. This is why the dynamic development of our range of lighting equipment based on latest LED technology, inspiring hope for an extremely energy-efficient lighting.